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Microblogging with Twitter

At first I thought the whole microblogging thing was a weirdly fragmented perversion of real communication – I mean, come on people! Meaningful posts in 140 characters? And yet in the grand new Web 2.0 tradition of abbreviated literary forms (such as the cell-phone novel in 7000 characters) we have a new contender in the form of Twitter. (http://twitter.com) Is it microblogging? Is it non-synchronous chat? A literary art form? I don’t really know, but I know¬†it works!

Haiku without the rules.

And you know, despite my initial skepticism, it’s addictive. Even as a newbie Twitterer, I am finding that following the right people reveals a rich vein of ideas in which to fossick, a more focused source of links than del.icio.us, an opportunity to build networks, expand horizons and engage in reflective practice which is NOT limited to educational technologies.

Not bad for posts limited to 140 characters …

I just set up a wiki to act as a dynamic, user-updatable FAQ for staff using WebCT at our uni (http://webctatvu.pbwiki.com) – and because I happened to mention it on Twitter, the very first person to contribute a writer post was not one of our home-grown early adopters, but someone from London! Thanks Twitter!

I’ts a great tool – and I suspect its little beak and claws will soon reach everywhere …