Who am I?
I am but a cog in a complex and deeply flawed machine which attempts to use instructional design approaches and educational technology tools to create learning experiences which incorporate that weird social glue/lubricant stuff that we currently call Web 2.0 … (!)
Actually, I just help people build courses that work. Sort of an educational mechanic, really …

Learning technologies I use
Technologies/applications used and abused include Dreamweaver, Photoshop, WebCT/Blackboard, Blogs, The micro-blog Twitter – I’m Borborigmus on Twitter, Podcasting, Respondus, Elgg, Wimba Create, limited dabbling in Second Life … will explore anything that looks potentially empowering for learning.

My expertise
Providing support for on-line learning design, development and production to subject matter experts. Background in biological sciences, audio recording and production. Owned and operated a specialised RDO in sound production and its associated recording studios for several centuries ( I’m kidding – just feels like it) prior to my current stint at a uni.

My biggest challenge with learning technologies
Finding time to filter the flood of available offerings. Mapping the solutions provided by learning technologies to actual problems faced by educators. Stripping off the bling in many learning technologies to discover whether there is a genuine, robust and engaging learning modality lurking underneath. Avoiding slipping from a healthy skepticism to dysfunctional cynicism about institutional management of eLearning support.


One response to “About

  1. Thanks very much for your frankness.
    Just embarking on a “next life” career as a Tech Training Manager after 21 glorious years in telecoms over many, many roles. Suspect I will employ elearning where appropriate so reassuring to see my ideas and views shared. I have lots of skills to acquire – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, WebCT/Blackboard look likely.

    ATB Alistair

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